Mark Orbell
A portfolio website for artist Mark Orbell. We've taken a different approach to responsive design for this site. See the image gallery and resize the browser window, notice that the page adjusts smoothly to use all the available space. This approach gives the site a consistent look on anything from a mobile device to the largest monitor. We developed front-end javascript technology that calculates and loads the optimum image size and server technology that automates the generation of images at various resolutions.
Caroline Macey
A portfolio website for artist Caroline Macey. All of the images feature a custom built slider control that allows the image to be resized. We made other customised viewing controls for the needs of specific works - 'Snakes and Ladders' is 7 times higher than it is wide and 'Same As It Ever Was' comes in 9 sections and is intricately detailed.
A 5 page brochure website for Swordpunk, a new weekend event. More to follow...